About Us


God's Brand Apparel was started with the hope to create a "Christ-Centered" brand that makes it easy to represent your Christian faith in everyday life, serving as a witness and a reminder of how we are called to live daily. With your purchase of God's Brand clothing, you are helping us invest into non-profit organizations dedicated to serving God's people in need. We represent who we are by what we wear. Thank you for choosing to show the world your love for Christ!


Evangelization: We will represent our Christian faith in a loving way that brings people closer to Christ.

Charity: We will donate 10% of all proceeds to non-profit organizations.

Reverence: We will show a reverent attitude toward God by honoring Him in the way we dress. Our clothes will promote modesty and chastity therefore respecting our bodies.

Integrity: We will not compromise the teachings of Jesus Christ or His church for material gain. We will stay convicted to the Gospel message.

Innovative: We will continually find new ways to influence the world for Christ.

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